Liberty Road Recreation Council Executive Board


President Lawrence Brown (410) 404-0793
Executive Vice President Leon Gibson (443) 794-4848
Vice President East Walter Bland (443) 922-1232
Vice President West Fayth Brice (443) 865-5520
Recording Secretary Shelly Wilson (443) 392-2598
Corresponding Secretary Kisha Glenn (410) 350-9911
Treasurer Michael Brice (443) 865-5519
Member at Large David Mitchell (410) 521-0941
Member at Large Monica Goodman (410) 371-2274
Member at Large Desmond Jackson (443) 421-8809
Teen Representative Chase Glenn (410) 504-9275
Sargent at Arms Vacant


Financial Manager Chris McFadden
Webmaster Shalewa Wilson


Liberty Road Recreation Council's Officers serve a two year term of office. Elections are held in October for all Offices, next one will be October 2019.